Sabtu, 05 Desember 2009

Ball Prediction for THE EVENTS JABULANI FIFA World Cup 2010 SOUTH AFRICA

Before the final 2010 World Cup draw in South Africa, officials launched a formal ball that will be used throughout the world-class prestigious action in June 2010.
Zabulani in isiZulu, which is used approximately 25 percent of people from 11 tribes in South Africa.

This design specifically designed to show how color and beauty spirit of African people welcome the prestigious in Johannersburg.
we very happy with used high technology,But whether the player will feel very special or just simply Cup campaign to fill the atmosphere of the 2010 World Cup.

to answer it we will wait on june to july 2010
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Kamis, 03 Desember 2009

Overview Of Virus

we know there are any some virus infected computers in the world with any varians, but we must now one by one for the kind virus so we can detection what the viruses was infected to our computer system and may be we can detection first before using Antivirus.

bellow few definition for the virusess.
  1. A metamorphic virus, is a virus that also changes its appearance in host programs, however it does so without necessarily depending on encryption
  2. A polymorphic virus, virus is a virus that changes its appearance in host programs
  3. An entry-point obscuring ("EPO") virus, is a virus do get control from the host program in an indirect way.
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computer security

some prosess for preventing and detection unauthorized use from your computer is called Computer Security. with doing preventive may be can help you to finished anauthorized user or intruder from their access to your computer system.

if the detection may be can help you determine to intruder attempted break in our computer system, if the preventing and detection may be was finished successful so the intruder may have done.

we always use our computer to doing transaction with other people in the internet by email or chatting. so you must keep your computer system if you did'nt want your privacy, scret file and money lost.
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